Red, White, Yellow Conspicuity ECE 104r Reflective Tape For Vehicles

Diamond Grade Reflective Tapes, also known as conspicuity tape, marked on a heavy vehicle are designed to give other road users visibility of the vehicle ahead and the ability to perceive their distance and closing distance. They are applied to the sides and rear of vehicles. A full-contour (outline shape) of the vehicle makes this visible perception easiest. The conspicuity reflective tapes are strong and rigid with a high-performance aggressive adhesive that sticks securely to trucks, trailers, flatbeds, tankers, tractors, vans, concrete mixers, and other emergency vehicles. It is easy to apply and non-corroding.

Additional information

Model Number

VRT03, VRT04, VRT05


50mm x 45.7m(50 yards), customized width






Red, White, Yellow


Aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive


5 years


Applied to the sides and rear of vehicles to enhance visibility

Product Details:

The micro prismatic markings of reflective tape are composed of wide-angle, exposed retroreflective lenses bonded to an adhesive. They help the eye perceive objects in low-light conditions when illuminated by the lights from a vehicle. The usage of reflective tape on vehicles is effective in increasing visibility, particularly at night and in poor visibility conditions such as dawn, dusk, fog, rain where light is poor. Earlier visibility leaves more response time for the driver, enhancing safety. The corrosion-resistant material helps the vehicle markings resist aging and weathering. The easy-release liner makes installation easy and quick.


Daytime Color and Luminance of Reflective Tape:

Color Items Testing data Requirement
Red Chromaticity


(0.638, 0.335) Covered in the following square



Luminance factor 0.07 0.02~0.15
White Chromaticity


(0.314, 0.332) Covered in the following square



Luminance factor 0.49 ≥0.27
Conclusion: Meet requirements.


Coefficient of Retroreflection:

Reflective Tape Coefficient of Retroreflection cd – 1x-1 – m-2
Entrance angle Testing data Requirement
Red 0.2o -4o 170 65
15o 143 48
30o 124 30
0.5o -4o 88 27
15o 100 20
30o 55 13
1o -4o 12 5.2
15o 15 4.1
30o 11 3
White 0.2o -4o 768 360
15o 622 265
30o 490 170
0.5o -4o 349 150
15o 372 111
30o 235 72
1o -4o 43 35
15o 52 28
30o 36 20

Conclusion: Meet Coefficient of Retroreflection requirements.

Reflective Tape Features:

  1. Available in ECE Mark and DOT-C2 Mark
  2. High brightness and wide angularity
  3. Aggressive adhesive, easy to remove the liner
  4. Non-metallic construction, non-corroding.
  5. Durable, good performance in extreme weather
  6. Available in rolls, or kiss-cut pieces on a roll.


More Details:
Sample: Free samples available, freight cost paid by buyer
Mass production lead time: 3 weeks more or less, base on the quantity of the order
Color: Red, white, yellow, red 11’’/white 7’’, red 6’’/white 6’’, fluorescent yellow-green, orange
Terms of payment: Wire Transfer, Western Union, etc.
Place of Origin: Made in China

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