DOT-C2 Diamond Grade Fluorescent Yellow-Green Reflective Tape For Truck

Diamond Grade Fluorescent Yellow-Green Reflective Tapes are highly retroreflective micro prismatic markings to be enhanced visibility and detection for vehicles. Combined fluorescence and retroreflection provide 24-hour visibility and detection. They are applied to the sides and rear of vehicles. The conspicuity reflective tapes are strong and rigid with a high-performance aggressive adhesive that sticks securely to rail cars, trucks, trailers, school buses, and other emergency vehicles. It is easy to apply and non-corroding.

Additional information

Model Number



50mm x 45.7m(50 yards), customized width






Fluorescent Yellow Green


Aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive


5 years


Applied to the sides and rear of vehicles to enhance visibility

Product Details:

The Fluorescent Yellow-Green micro prismatic markings of reflective tape are high brightness and wide angularity to enhance visibility and recognition by drivers. Fluorescence enhances visibility. They are applicable to the sides and rear of vehicles to have a safety warning effect for the long-haul in the dark of night, especially when the vehicle is turning or crossing roadways. The corrosion-resistant material helps the vehicle markings resist aging and weathering. The easy-release liner makes installation easy and quick.


Reflective Tape Features:

  1. Available in DOT-C2 Mark and ECE Mark
  2. High brightness and wide angularity
  3. Aggressive adhesive, easy to remove the liner
  4. Non-metallic construction, non-corroding.
  5. Durable, good performance in extreme weather
  6. Combined fluorescence and retroreflection enhance visibility.


Why does the Fluorescent yellow-green enhance visibility?

Fluorescent materials absorb short wavelength, invisible, incident radiation (solar energy) and re-emit it as a longer wavelength, visible light. This re-emission of visible light continues as long as exciting incident radiation is present. Fluorescence adds to the daytime luminance of reflective markings and enhances the visibilities of vehicles. The Fluorescent yellow-green reflective tapes are especially effective during dawn, dusk, and overcast days.


More Details:
Sample: Free samples available, freight cost paid by buyer
Mass production lead time: 3 weeks more or less, base on the quantity of the order
Color: fluorescent yellow-green, red 11’’/white 7’’, red 6’’/white 6’’,  white, red, amber, orange
Terms of payment: Wire Transfer, Western Union, etc.
Place of Origin: Made in China

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