Luminous Tape Self-Adhesive Glow in the Dark

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Luminous Tape is a special type of tape that can glow in the dark. It is a self-adhesive vinyl made up of a PET layer and a luminous coating. It can absorb any source of light including a normal lamp rapidly. The glow in the dark tape shows yellowish-green color in the daytime and glows bright green in the dark. The glow in the dark tape is used to help improve the safety in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and line emergency evacuation routes.

Additional information

Model Number



25mm x 5m

Glow Time

4 hours






Yellowish Green




Indoor 7 years, outdoor 3 years.


Improve the safety in manufacturing facilities, warehouse, and line emergency evacuation routes.

Product Details:

Luminous Tape also named Glow in The Dark Tape, is a self-adhesive vinyl made up of PET layer and a Photoluminescent pigment coating. The backside of the Photoluminescent tape is a specially formulated pressure-sensitive adhesive layer that provides permanent adhesion and is protected with siliconized release paper. The glow in the dark tape is a unique self-powered tape that accumulates light energy in the daytime and emits the glow in the dark. It provides critical assistance when lights are extinguished suddenly.

Luminous Tape Feature:

Material PET
Surface Glossy
Glow Time 2 hours / 4hours / 6 hours /

8 hours / 10 hours / 12 hours

Width 12mm, 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, Customized
Length 3m, 5m, 10m, 45.7m, Customized
Durability Indoor 7 years,  Outdoor 3 years


Luminous Tape Advantage:

  1. Nontoxic
  2. Nonradioactive
  3. Waterproof coating
  4. Easy to cut and operation
  5. Flexible structure, no crack when bending


Luminous Tape Application:

  1. Area Marking
  2. Electric Facilities
  3. Building Decorations
  4. Fire Emergency Signs
  5. Safety Guideline Signs
  6. Stationery and Trinkets


Luminescence Intensity of Luminous Tape:

Luminescence (mcd/m²) Test Time
Type 5th second 10th minute 60th minute
2-hour film 3000 70 8
4-hour film 4500 100 12
6-hour film 6800 150 18
8-hour film 7500 180 23
10-hour film 9000 210 26
12-hour film 10000 260 35


More Details:
Sample: Free samples, freight cost paid by buyer
MOQ: 10 cartons, smaller trial order accepted
Bulk lead time: 10 days more or less, depending on the quantity of the order
Terms of payment: T/T, Western Union, etc.
Place of origin: China

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